The Grow Show!

The Grow Show is a short video that is released each week that teaches kids more about Jesus!
Some videos are ‘stand-alone’ lessons, while others are part of a series. We hope you and your children enjoy these lessons. If you have any questions please contact us.
We have also released a new ‘branch’ of The Grow Show called “The Little Grow Show”, This short weekly video features a Bible story for our youngest viewers!
You can check that out here: The Little Grow Show

Spending Time with God

Books of the Bible

God Promised to Fix What Was Broken

God Promises Us Mercy

God’s Promises Are Always True

God Keeps His Promises

Moses: the Nile & the Burning Bush!

Moses: The 10 Plagues, Passover & the Red Sea

The Prophet Isaiah: Faithfulness

John the Baptist

Mary & Joseph

Happy Birthday Jesus!

Jesus Baptized ~ Forgiveness

Jesus Knows Us

Jesus Wants Us to Follow Him

Jesus Cares for Us

Jesus Shows Us the Truth

Jesus Helps Me When I’m Tempted

Jesus Understands My Challenges

God’s Plans are Perfect!