World Services Weekend

10AM-Noon – International Breakfast with Virtual Tour 
of The Salvation Army work in Pakistan
6:30PM-8:00PM – University of Georgia Brass Band Concert, 
World Service Fundraiser
9:30AM – Combined Adult Class in the Chapel
10:45AM – Worship with World Services Ingathering Collection
What if you couldn’t talk about Jesus?
Tomorrow morning, we kick off my favorite weekend of the year. It’s World Service Weekend!!! I have to admit, before I came to Atlanta Temple, I was really oblivious to what is happening in 131? 132? countries around the world. And every six months we seem to add another country. I’ve ran out of room to hang all the flags. If you are amazed by what The Salvation Army can do in the US, you have to be blown away by what The Salvation Army is doing in other parts of the world–places, that depend upon our resources to get things done. I found out last year, that the Temple Budget for one year, could sustain the whole Territory of Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands for 9 months.

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Why Are You So Worried?

I listen to a lot of Podcasts. One of my favorite is something called the Story Grid by Shawn Coyne who is an editor, and helping a guy named Tim Grahl become a better writer…and story teller.


The most recent episode is called, “What is a Phere?” Without having to listen to the whole podcast, let me sum it up for you. A “Phere” comes from “Sphere of Chaos” which is a psychological metaphor coined by Carl Jung. Jung proposed that every day, we encounter events that create chaos in our lives. That chaos, triggers an autonomic responsive action or feeling from us-for either good…or bad.


For instance, you just poured yourself a cup of hot coffee, and as you turn around, your dog gets in your way and you trip, spilling hot coffee on yourself, the floor, etc. Your first instinct is to yell at the dog, right? As if he wanted you to spill coffee everywhere on purpose. Then a million things go through your mind. The coffee has stained your shirt, and is going to require you to go back upstairs and change. The floor needs to be wiped up, and not the least of it is, you need to go back and get more coffee. Now add to this, that you were already a little late for work. You now are in a crisis.

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Why Should the Devil Have all the Good Music?

This Sunday…is Music Sunday.
I’m a BIG music fan, but not of any particular genre per se.
There’s nothing better than to sit on stage with the brass band behind me and feel the vibration through the floor. I get goosebumps just thinking about it. But I’m also good to clap along with an upbeat praise chorus as well, or sway to a slow emotional love ballad to God. And then when you all sing a capella…well, there’s nothing more moving.

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Ash Wednesday

It’s March 1st. I can’t believe it. Where has the time gone?
Easter is almost HERE!! Which must mean, that the season of Lent is upon us.
Lent, comes from an Old English word meaning, “Spring.” The early Christian church, though, would have used the word, “Quadragesima”. I know…now you know why we call it Lent.
Quadragesima you might have guessed means “40th”. Forty (40) is used a lot in scripture. Noah experienced forty days and forty nights of rain. Moses stayed on Mount Sinai for forty days. The Israelites spent forty years wandering around in the wilderness. Ezekiel laid on his side for forty days to symbolize Judah’s punishment. Elijah and Jesus went 40 days without food or water. Over and over again, the Bible refers to 40 as a “long period of time”. So long in fact, we lost count of the days. Therefore, let’s just use the word forty. But let me set that thought aside for a second.

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